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Empire Maverick Development Team – Empire Communities

Empire has built its reputation for creating successful highrise and home developments of uncompromising quality. Empire Communities condominium rises above the rest because of the dedication, talent and leadership of the team behind it. Their residents benefit from design expertise and superb craftsmanship and are surrounded by desirable features and truly exceptional amenities.


Empire’s much-admired condominiums are found in the Greater Toronto Area’s greatest communities. Empire Group has a long history of building successful developments.


Their recent projects include Empire master-planned communities of towns, semi-detached and detached homes in Niagara falls, Binbrook, Caledonia, Stoney Creek, Breslau and Brantford. For over 20 years Empire has built communities that make everyday life richer and more sustainable with enviable designs where smart space planning and innovation meet. Empire Condos include Eau Du Soleil Condos and beyond the Sea Condos in Lakeshore Park Lawn, Empire Midtown Condos, Rain and Senses Condos in Oakville, C Condos Yonge & Finch, Empire Successful Home communities include Lakeside Brampton Imagine in Niagra Falls, Legacy in Thorold, Avalon in Caledonia, Lush in Stoney Creek, Summerlea Homes in Binbrook. Wynfield in Brantford.


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Project Location: 321-333 King Street West, Toronto ON M5V 1J6

Address: 25 Villarboit Crescent, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 4K2, Canada

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